FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – It was back in May when the West Virginia Public Service Commission opened an investigation into Page-Kincaid’s water quality after receiving numerous complaints from residents about their yellow-tinged water.

“You have to try and run the water in the sink and check and make sure or you’ll have discolored clothes when they come out.”

Benny Miller, Page-Kincaid Resident

Miller says at its worst the water was an opaque rust color.

The Page-Kincaid Public Service District, which serves just over 600 households, installed an emergency filter into their aquifer following the complaints, but residents say the water is still wishy-washy.

Miller says water samples he took from a week ago still look tinged when next to a store-bought water bottle.

Other samples he’s collected have iron sediments that have collected at the bottom.
The West Virginia Public Service Commission held a special hearing on Tuesday with all parties involved.

“Proposals have been made but at this point, the people of Page-Kincaid still do not have good potable water and we still do not have a long-term plan,” said PSC chairwoman Charlotte Lane.

One of those proposals is for the West Virginia-American Water Company to buyout the Page-Kincaid PSD, which would bring in water from the river.

“They have an 85% water loss, so a lot of money needs to be put into the system and West Virginia-American Water can do that,” Lane said.

But Page-Kincaid PSD board member John David says a buyout would be costly for the WVAWC, and it would mean higher water rates for residents.

Their interest, he says, is also tying up a $3.5 million loan-grant the PSD secured with the USDA to update the 40-year-old well.

But Miller is among the residents who support a buyout from the WVAWC.

“Anywhere you drill a well in this part of the area through coal fields, you generally get a lot of iron,” he said.

The Public Service Commission says the next step is to issue an order in the next upcoming weeks, determining a timeline for all parties to issue their proposals.