UPDATE (12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29): Leaders with the West Virginia Division of Highways say to expect to start seeing major dirt-moving, excavating, and demolishing of 16 homes south of the Kanawha Turnpike in the coming weeks.

Officials say this project has taken extra time to get started because they have had to coordinate with utility companies, the city of South Charleston and multiple property owners along the almost 2-mile stretch of Jefferson Road.

Herc Rentals, whose company is on Jefferson Road, says the project will be challenging for their business, but they are excited about the finished product.

“Right now there is so much congestion I think it is very hard for our truck drivers to get in and out and for us to get some trucks in,” said TJ Kpan, Herc Rentals Sales Associate. “But I think after this highway is done it’s going to bring a lot of business here for us just because it’s going to bring a lot more visibility to our store and definitely feel like we’re going to expand more.”

SOUTH CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Officials from the West Virginia Department of Transportation held a meeting to discuss the next steps in the long-awaited Jefferson Road project.

A computer animation showed the two-mile-long project.

The plans are to connect Corridor G with MacCorkle Avenue, widening the road to five lanes.

Area residents say the traffic flow can get hectic at times, discouraging some shoppers from visiting.