CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — A West Virginia International Yeager Airport (CRW) police officer is being recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty.

On July 5, Officer Brian Jones helped two military recruits stranded at Charleston’s airport after their flight was rescheduled for the next day. The two men were traveling to boot camp with only a $10 meal voucher.

Around 10:30 p.m., the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) booked the men two hotel rooms over an hour away in Beckley, West Virginia. This allowed them little time to rest and travel back to Charleston for their flight the next morning.

Overhearing this, Officer Jones paid and arranged for a ride to and from a Charleston hotel and bought the men pizza.

One of the men told his mother about the experience and how nice the CRW police officers were. The mother later called Eric Johnson, Yeager Airport Police Chief, and said her son hopes to be a police officer after his military service.

CRW officials said this is not the first time Officer Jones went above and beyond for airport visitors. In March, Officer Jones noticed a child needed to burn off some energy before his flight. The officer received permission from the kid’s grandmother to give him an airport tour. The child walked on a terminal ramp, saw police cruisers, met CRW K-9 Hercules, and visited with a pilot in the cockpit of a Spirit Airlines plane.

Officer Jones’ dedication to serving passengers earned him CRW’s Employee of the Month for July. Yeager Airport officials made the announcement and thanked Officer Jones in a press release.

“CRW would like to thank Officer Jones for creating memorable moments for our passengers and congratulate him on being named Employee of the Month for July,” officials said.