CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK)—A group of doctors who operate a private jet out of Charleston’s Yeager Airport say top officials, including former CEO Nick Keller, intentionally withheld key documents that were sought as part of a lawsuit.

The doctor’s group, Pluri Potent Partnership, sued the airport in October 2021. The lawsuit claims that employees at Capital Jet Center—which is owned and operated by the airport—damaged Pluri’s HondaJet HA-420, on two separate occasions.

In one case, according to the lawsuit, ground handlers were moving the aircraft when they failed to raise the hangar door high enough, causing serious damage to the jet’s tail.

Five days after the incident, according to the lawsuit, Keller informed the airport board that he had hired a consultant to review Capital Jet Center’s operations and advise him on ways they could be improved.

According to a separate motion obtained by 13 News and expected to be filed this week, the consultant produced a report that ran over 300 pages. As part of the discovery phase of its lawsuit, Pluri requested a copy of the report.

However, the motion claims the airport handed over only 11 pages of the consultant’s report. As a result, Pluri was forced to subpoena the report directly from the consultant.

The motion specifically blames Keller for “withholding relevant and responsive documents.”

Keller resigned from the airport on Saturday. No reason for his departure has been given.

The airport board is scheduled to meet today at 2 p.m. to discuss personnel matters dealing with top airport executives.