WELLSTON, OH (WOWK) — On Saturday night, Wellston police officers stopped a car at North Pennsylvania Avenue and Lake Alma Rd. As officers were checking IDs, one suspect fled into the surrounding woods.

Two WPD officers gave chase and apprehended the suspect within minutes.

Police identified the suspect as Joshua Coleman.

Officers located a syringe and bag of white powder that Coleman stated was Fentanyl. Coleman was charged with two counts of Obstructing Official Business, Felony Possessing Controlled Substance, Possessing Drug Abuse Instruments, OVI, and Driving Under Suspension.

Coleman had multiple warrants for his arrest, including one through Wellston PD and one Felony Warrant from the Adult Parole Authority.

He is currently being held in the Jackson County Correctional Facility. The Wellston Fire Department and Jackson County EMS assisted at the scene to treat for possible Fentanyl exposure and minor injuries to an officer’s arms, hands and legs from their brief excursion through the brush.