(WOWK) — We had very warm temperatures to close out the week, and the warmer weather will continue into the weekend. Here’s how weather conditions are shaping up for the Marshall University Marathon on Sunday.

Marathon course map

Both the full and half marathon start at 7am. Full marathon runners will run the track twice. Make sure to note where the water stations are because we will see much warmer than normal temperatures for this race. Click here for more information on the race.

Race start conditions, and high temperatures in Huntington, WV

The warmer conditions won’t do any favors for marathon runners this weekend. Highs will be hot in the upper 70s for the end of the day, and we will already be in the 60s by race start. There will be a 60% chance for some light rain showers for the morning which will runners stay cool, but still make sure to stay hydrated in these warmer than normal conditions.

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