INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WOWK) – StormTracker 13 Meteorologist Spencer Adkins is taking the weather on the road, traveling to the home of the Marching Music’s Major League at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis for the Drum Corps International Finals Week.

Lucas Oil Stadium may be indoors, but the fans are outdoors, and with a lot of outdoor preparations, keeping an eye on the forecast is key to making the event go smoothly.

Spencer has learned this summer that event meteorology is different than your regular television weather forecast because meteorologists are forecasting for one specific point.

“Event forecasting is entirely different, and I’ve been very lucky to kinda help with all of this stuff going on with band and with Drum Corps in particular,” Adkins said.

Drum Corps International has an entire crew of people staffed top to bottom who are constantly monitoring the weather to make sure anything that moves stays safe, people stay dry, everybody stays happy and the show can go on.

It’s not just thunderstorms but also winds, heat, turf temperatures and more that are monitored to keep all of the participants and fans safe.