MARTINSBURG, WV (WOWK) — A Maryland woman pleaded guilty on Feb. 18 to conspiracy charges for trying to sell secrets about nuclear-powered submarines to a foreign power.

Diana Toebbe, 46, of Annapolis, Maryland, is married to a Navy nuclear engineer. Her husband, Jonathan Toebbe, also of Annapolis, pleaded guilty on Feb. 14 for attempting to communicate restricted information.

Jonathan Toebbe admitted to selling information about submarine designs to some he thought was a foreign government representative but was an FBI agent. Court documents did not state what foreign representative Jonathan Toebbe believed he was selling information to.

Diana Toebbe, 46, of Annapolis, Maryland (Photo Courtesy: Skip Navigation Links WV Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Authority)

Diana Toebbe was allegedly with her husband on various trips to drop-off locations where he left memory cards with sensitive data.

The couple was arrested in West Virginia in October 2021.

Court documents state Diana Toebbe will remain in U.S. Marshal custody at the Eastern Regional Jail until her sentencing. Documents did not reveal Diana Toebbe’s sentencing date.