Medical Researchers Showcase Discoveries

HUNTINGTON (WOWK) - When a thin or average person eats food, not all of the sugars and salts get absorbed into their body. But when an obese person eats, doctors have found their bodies absorb salt and sugar excessively. 

That's just one discovery researchers at Marshall University Medical Center are finding. Today is the 30th Annual Research Day. Doctors also gave presentations on tobacco flavors and addiction - as well as using FitBit's as a mean of improving physical activity in rural areas. 

Uma Sundaram, M.D., is vice dean for research at the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine and a board-certified gastroenterologist. He said the university making gains in the research-world. 

"It really is a very exciting time for us for a couple of different reasons. One, research at Marshall has really taken off in the last few years. We have got grants from several different agencies that we never had before, Sundaram said. "There are also very interesting discoveries that have come out of the last few years that really, I think, is going to revolutionize how we take care of our patients." 

Doctors with the Marshall University School of Pharmacy and in Institute for Interdisciplinary Research also included their studies. In February, the medical school received a $10.78 million grant from the National Institutes to look into obesity and other conditions linked to obesity.To read more about the grant click here.  


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