CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – West Virginia is launching a new initiative to help encourage residents to help their neighbors struggling with substance abuse.

At the West Virginia State Capitol this afternoon, May 17, 2023, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced the launch of the “Get Paid to Pay it Forward” campaign through Jobs & Hope WV. The governor’s office says the goal of the new campaign is to address transportation challenges those seeking treatment for substance abuse face due to limited public transit options in the state.

According to the governor, through the program, drivers will be paid per mile and also have the ability to choose which rides they accept. Single trip or recurring rides will be offered, Justice’s office says. He also says anyone is welcome to sign up as a driver, and those in recovery are encouraged to apply as contract workers through Modivcare.

Justice’s office says those who want to sign up to become a driver for the campaign can visit or contact Modivcare to learn more information.

“The drug epidemic is a real problem that could have brought this entire state to our knees economically and socially,” Justice said. “But Jobs & Hope WV is doing an amazing job and really saving lives. This is tough stuff, and we need more help, but it’s worth it. The people of West Virginia are worth it. So, we’ve designed this service to help people. We’re incentivizing everybody to step up and let the world know that we have this program available and that we’re going to keep doing good. We have a lot of successes to report but we still have lots and lots to do.”

Justice says the new “Get Paid to Pay it Forward” campaign is not the only initiative Jobs & Hope WV is rolling out this week. According to the governor’s office, Jobs & Hope participants will now be able to enroll in a car donation service.

The car donation service is made possible through a partnership between Jobs & Hope WV and Good News Mountaineer Garage, the governor’s office says. Officials say the garage will be supplying free vehicles to those in need for the program. Jobs & Hope will also be providing vehicles for its members to use to take their driver’s license tests, according to Justice’s office.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse and in need of help, call Help4WV at 844-435-7498, text the organization at 844-435-7498 or visit to chat with a representative online or learn more about the organization’s services.