New Voter ID Law Coming to West Virginia in 2018

CHARLESTON, WV - West Virginians will be going to the polls in droves in 2018, and they will be facing some changes. A new voter ID law begins January first. You can identify your self with a photo ID such as a drivers license, passport, or Government ID. Or you can use a non-photo ID like a voter registration card, a bank debit card, or even a utility bill.

"Our teams effort has been to get as many people as possible as we can, registered to vote. The more people that participate in our process, the higher confidence we have that the officials we elect are the people that we want," said Secretary of State Mac Warner, (R) West Virginia.

The law considered input from various groups, including those concerned it could lead to discrimination.

"We had a lot of concerns about how it was going to affect voter turn out and concerns about voter suppression," said Julie Archer, of West Virginia Citizens Action Group.

But the fact that photo IDs are not mandatory, made it a lot more acceptable.

"It is true that West Virginia's law is less strict that what has been passed in other states," said Julie Archer, of WV Citizens Action.

The Secretary of state is sending out over 40 thousand reminder cards, to help people learn the changes.

"The way the Legislature designed it, it doesn't discriminate against someone who might be homeless, or against someone who doesn't have a car to go to the county clerk's office to apply for something," said Deak Kersey, Deputy Legal Counsel to the Secretary of State.

"Even if you don't have any of the proper IDs to verify yourself on Election Day, you'll still be be allowed to vote on a provisional ballot, that will be verified later," said Mark Curtis, 13 News Chief Political Reporter.

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