(WOWK) — Looking at the forecast for the coming New Year’s Day, things do look relatively mild. In fact temperatures should be well into the 50s for afternoon highs this Sunday which would be some 10 to 12 degrees above the normal high which should be in the low to mid 40s.

The warmer temperatures tend to go with the trend in the last 5 years for New Year’s Day, although one of the coldest was also within the last 5 years locally.

New Year’s temp stats for Huntington

In Huntington there have been two days in the 60s since 2018 but in 2018 itself, that was the coldest high temperature on record for January 1 at 19 degrees. The warmest ever January 1st was 71 degrees in 1985.

New Year’s temp stats for Charleston

The first day of 1985 was also the warmest Charleston has seen on record with highs in the mid 70s. Even though it was also 19 degrees for a high on the same calendar date in 2018, the coldest was 15 degrees in 1977.

In terms of snow, Charleston saw 2.5 inches on January 1st 1987 while the most snow on the ground as the New Year chimed in was 11 inches in 1971.

Huntington saw 2.8 inches of snow on New Year’s Day in 1964 while the most snow on the ground for January 1st was 10 inches in 1968.

For anyone thinking a warm January 1st means it will stay mild all month, think again. That record hear on New Year’s Day was followed by the coldest wind chill on record for Charleston on January 20th of that year with that “feels like temperature” of -39.

Weather can change big time in January in our area. Check the latest on the StormTracker 13 weather app which you can get for free at the link directly below.