COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Just a few weeks ago, a central Ohio family was reunited at home after their 3-year-old daughter spent more than 100 nights straight at Nationwide Children’s Hospital battling cancer.

To help pass the long hours in the hospital, Ryan Ravestein and her brother AJ designed a pair of socks for a national competition through Resilience Gives, a non-profit organization that donates a pair of socks to the children’s hospital with every purchase of the winning sock design.

Ryan and AJ’s Dancing Bananas sock design won the contest and they will get to see their design turned into socks for pediatric patients across the country.

“Support that organization and just all kids going through, you know, pediatric cancer or just any traumatic disease like that,” said Brett Ravestein, Ryan’s mother.

For more on the organization and to order socks created by patients across the country, check out the Resilience Gives website. Ryan’s socks are not yet available to purchase, so bookmark that page!