COLUMBUS, OH (WOWK) – Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine is also calling Ohioans to fly their American and state flags as a show of solidarity as the state and the country deals with the pandemic. He also asks that anyone planning to travel to reconsider and stay home.

“We’ve been attacked by this virus. We have to pull together,” DeWine said. “Fly that flag every single day.”

As of today, there are 119 confirmed cases in Ohio, 33 of those are hospitalized.

Director of the Ohio Department of Medicaid Maureen Corcoran says the department has made executive orders to allow for Telehealth expansion.

Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced that the state’s application for a request to allow small businesses and not-for-profit organizations to apply for low-interest, long-term loans of up to $2 million has been approved through the Small Business Administration economic injury disaster loan program.

Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court Maureen O’Connor also shared the plans for the state’s court systems saying courts need to work with local leaders to develop a plan to provide essential operations while limiting public traffic. She called on local courts to take steps to minimize face to face contact in the justice system and asked judges to set lower bonds to reduce jail populations.

“It is patriotic what citizens are doing to stay away from their fellow citizens,” DeWine says. “Each one of us is making those sacrifices. Ultimately it’s going to be the small acts, what seems small, that makes all the difference.”

DeWine also ordered that all internet cafes close as well due to complaints of people coming together at those locations.

The measure will go into place Friday, March 20 at 6 p.m.