GALLIA COUNTY, OH (WOWK) – These past few months, the demand for personal healthcare products has significantly increased. But there’s another industry that’s adjusting to high demand as well.

The coffee roasting industry has skyrocketed. So much so, one roastery is being forced to expand.

Gallia County, Ohio based “Silver Bridge Coffee Company” ships their freshly ground coffee all over the United States. Recently, due to increased customer demand, the company has outgrown its current facility.

Lorraine Walker, the owner of the company says they have to expand to keep up with incoming orders.

The space that we have here in Gallia County will actually be doubled and then we’ll also have some area in the back, so about 2 1/2 times the space we have to work in.

Lorraine walker, owner of the Silver Bridge Coffee Company

While other businesses have been struggling during the pandemic, Walker’s company has been thriving. Now, in order to expand, Walker needed a little bit of help to purchase needed equipment.

“JobsOhio” and the “Ohio Southeast Economic Development” (OhioSE) group have been working closely with the expansion project, offering a $50,000 “JobsOhio” Inclusion Grant to assist with machinery and equipment costs.

OhioSE project manager Taylor Stepp says the decision to offer the grant to the “Silver Bridge Coffee Company” was a fairly easy one.

We were actually able to have a conversation with Lorraine and her team with Silver Bridge Coffee and heard that they were doing some good things, that they’re making a really strong pivot during the Coronavirus times and they were going to be investing in some new equipment if they had a little bit of help.

Taylor Stepp, OhioSE project manager

The roastery specializes in using the most natural flavoring available from all over the world and Walker has adapted with the times since the company started in 2008.

Not only offering fresh ground coffee in bags but also k-cups, both can be ordered online. Walker says the expansion will help her company take the next step.

We are already in grocery stores and we produce a lot of coffee for grocery and this will give us more space and an area to do that more efficiently.

Lorraine walker, owner of the Silver Bridge Coffee Company

Walker says her company is also looking to hire more employees once the expansion project is completed. For more information on the Silver Bridge Coffee Company and its products, click here.