GALLIA COUNTY, OH (WOWK) – Storms the past couple of days have brought fallen trees, power outages and flooding to parts of the tristate. High water at the Gallia County fairgrounds hit two days before the annual junior fair.

The junior fair was supposed to start Monday until the rain hit Saturday evening. With the rain came reports of high water.

The Gallia County fair board secretary Tim Massie says the water started rising all over the fairgrounds as a result of storms over the weekend.

In this area we’ve probably had over the last three days, I’m guessing, about 6 inches of rain.

Tim Massie, Gallia County fair board secretary

Massie also says, in this area, this kind of event isn’t new. Some young exhibitors were worried it might affect the scheduled festivities.

Sydney Greenlee, one of the junior fair exhibitors, said at first, she was a little bit concerned.

It was kind of scary in the beginning not knowing if it was going to happen.

Sydney Greenlee, Gallia County junior fair exhibitor

After hearing about the flooding, community members and local companies decided to lend a helping hand. MPW Industrial Services offered their “super sucker” truck to clean out the show barns.

Other fair volunteers also dug out excess mud in larger areas.

Massie says they are well on their way to making this year’s fair a reality. A few new changes will need to be made to the week’s schedule.

For more information on the fair and updates on the schedule, click here.