CLEVELAND (WJW) – Special delivery! An Ohio woman gave birth to a baby boy in her own living room after she couldn’t get to the hospital in time.

What makes this delivery even more special is that the woman’s mother got to deliver her own grandson.

“I was having contractions but they were really irregular,” said new Cleveland mom Breanna Johnson.

But on Saturday, April 22, baby Brian Johnson’s entrance into the world was anything but regular. Breanna said she wasn’t due until next week, but the baby had other plans.

“As a mother of one already, I knew what it felt like. I said, ‘we aren’t going anywhere, he’s coming,'” said Breanna.

Ceth immediately called 911.

“He came about five to 10 minutes after her water broke. He was ready to come out,” said father Ceth Johnson. “I’m on the phone with dispatch, getting blankets, towels, everything that we need. They are telling me we need to do this.”

Luckily, Breanna’s parents just so happened to be at the house.

“My father lays me down on the floor and the only other person here to catch the baby was my mom,” said Breanna.

Mary-Anne Coreno got to deliver her grandson. It was a first for this now-grandmother of nine.

“As soon as the head came out, I got close. Next contraction, he literally came out right into my arms,” said Coreno. “He was perfect, he came out easy. He came out crying so it was a relief, but I did want someone to take over that actually knew what they were doing.”

The Johnsons were taken by EMS to Fairview Park Hospital where doctors double checked the baby to make sure everything was OK.

Two days later, they were able to go home as a family. Baby and mom are doing well.