JACKSON COUNTY, OH (WOWK) — A man shot and killed by deputies on Jan. 31 in Jackson County, Ohio, allegedly had a gun and a hatchet with him, according to deputies.

Deputies say 31-year-old William Beach barricaded himself inside a residence in the 1800 block of Jisco West Road in Jackson, Ohio.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement was dispatched to the area because a man was trying to get into a vehicle. After that, deputies say the man, later identified as Beach, fled into the woods.

Beach was supposed to be on an ankle monitor, but deputies say the ankle monitoring bondsman did not charge his monitoring system properly.

Deputies arrived at the scene and said observed that Beach had a hatchet over his head. Once they told Beach they were there, he began to barricade himself inside the residence on Jisco West Road.

After attempting to get him out of the residence, Beach told them he had a gun. They say they got a search warrant and got into the residence.

Deputies say Beach had a handgun pointed at them. They say a deputy shot at Beach, he stumbled and lost control of the handgun. After this, a deputy used a stun gun, but both prongs did not stick into Beach, which made it not work.

When deputies got control of Beach, they saw he had been shot in the torso. They started to try to stop the bleeding. Beach was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The investigation is still ongoing by the Bureau of Criminal Investigations. The Jackson County, Ohio, Sheriff’s Office says their statements are not the BCI’s final report.