LAWRENCE COUNTY, OH (WOWK) – As the 2022-2023 school year comes to an end, students in Lawrence County, Ohio, are celebrating in a different way.

Today, Thursday, May 11, students at Symmes Valley High School drove to school in style for the annual Drive Your Tractor to School Day! There were all types of tractors at the event, including a few Massey Fergusons, some riding mowers, and a John Deere.

Some of the students say driving tractors is just as easy to them as driving a car!

“It’s all fun to me,” said freshman Connor Cade. “I like farmin’. We farm a little bit around. It’s all fun. It’s just getting to do it with the boys. They all my friends.”

“I enjoy it. My family’s done it for years, and there’s just no way I couldn’t.” said junior Jacob Cade. “Shoot, this has been goin’ on for forever. I mean, my brothers did it, and they was in school, shoot, seven, eight years ago.”

Drive Your Tractor to School Day is part of Future Farmers of America Week, and is a way for the students to have fun while supporting local farmers.