UPDATE (6 p.m., Jan. 29, 2023): Ohio Highway Patrol confirmed 22-year-old Brendon Rood was driving the car that slammed into the side of a home in Proctorville, Ohio, Saturday morning.

Officials also said there was a 21-year-old female in the car with him.

Both people were transported from the scene with minor injuries.

Since then, the homeowners were displaced due to the severity of the damages done to the home and spent Sunday recounting what happened.

“Where he hit was directly to the right of my daughter’s room, and the crazy thing about it is that the car was actually aiming toward her room, then all of a sudden drifted off to the right and ended up going into the living room,” said Brad Curtis, the homeowner.

The Ohio Highway Patrol said impairment does not appear to be a contributor to this, and the Curtis family says they are just glad this did not turn out any worse.

“It stinks, but the bigger picture is that no one got hurt inside, all of our kids are safe, we’re all healthy — very blessed. It could have been a lot worse. We’re very glad that no one passed away. Both the people that were in the car, they walked away, which is great. So, we’re just thankful,” Curtis said.

He said they hope this encourages the city to take action.

“Whether it’s speed bumps or a stop sign, or something. Because if this was in the middle of the day, our kids are out front, who’s to say what would have happened,” Curtis said.

The family now has a GoFundMe to help with costs, here is the link.

PROCTORVILLE, OH (WOWK) — A driver accidentally crashed their car into a house in Proctorville, Ohio, early Saturday morning, the homeowner said.

“Please say a prayer for our family,” Grace Curtis wrote on Facebook. “We woke up at 1 a.m. to our house shaking, people screaming, and a car coming in our living room.”

Curtis said no one in the car or the home was hurt, but the extensive damage to the residence deemed it “unlivable.” She said her family has only been there for six months.

The family is currently staying in a hotel, Curtis said.

According to Curtis, her family is not sure what caused the crash, but witnesses said the crash was full-force.

“A man said he saw it, and that he had never seen someone go that fast in a neighborhood, and he didn’t brake. Which is also what the fire department noticed,” Curtis said. “He said they had to have been going [over] 60 mph.”

Curtis said her family lives along a non-winding road with a 25 mph speed limit. Neighbors told Curtis that speeding has been a problem for a while in the community.

For now, the Curtis family is shocked but also thankful for many things — their neighbors, their church, the responders involved, and that their young children were unharmed. The family now has a GoFundMe set up by their church.

“Thank God no one in our home was on the couch, and that it was not the first window they hit. That is Ellie’s bedroom,” Curtis said. “We are beyond grateful for our neighbors who took us in for the night, and helped with the children. God has surely blessed us with an amazing community.”

According to Lawrence County 911, Rome Volunteer Fire Department (RVFD) and Emergency Medical Services were at the scene.

13 News reached out to RVFD for more information. Our team will keep you updated if more information is released.