CHILLICOTHE, OH (WOWK) — A firefighter now shares a special date with a baby he helped deliver in Chillicothe Wednesday morning.

A call came into the Scioto Township Fire Department for a woman possibly going into labor on a side road off of US-50.

Firefighter EMTs Johnathon Fyffe, Cheyenne Kuhn and Nathan Seabury answered the call. When they got there, they quickly realized how urgent this situation was.

“It’s always a little nerve-racking because there never really is any way to know how it’s going to go,” Seabury said recalling the urgency of the call.

In this case, the baby was safely delivered on the side of the road and later transported to the hospital with the mother. However, as it turns out, Fyffe also celebrated his birthday that day.

Fyffe tells 13 News that in addition to sharing his special day with this newborn baby boy he helped bring into the world, they will forever share this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“I don’t even know how to describe it, it was just a surreal feeling really,” Fyffe said Wednesday evening.

A surreal story these three first responders can tell for years to come.