STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – One Ohio Valley man drove away in two new cars after winning it big on “The Price Is Right.”

“I always said I wanted to go on a game show. My daughter called me and said, ‘Would you like to be on ‘The Price Is Right’ in the audience?’ Of course, we don’t know we’re going to be on it, and I said, ‘Sure. I’d love to go.”

William “Terry” James – “The Price Is Right” winner

Sure enough, one flight to LA and a few tickets to “The Price Is Right” later, Terry was running down the stairs to the stage after his name was called.

William, who goes by Terry, watches “The Price Is Right” just about every day at his Steubenville home, and now he was meeting Drew Carey face-to-face, and he treated him like he would anyone else. 

”When I went up there, Drew put his hand out to shake my hand. Well, I lost a finger in the mill, and I’m known for doing this. He looked at me. I go, ‘Give me three,’ and he threw three up and he started laughing.”

William “Terry” James – “The Price Is Right” winner

Terry’s first game was rolling dice, and after no luck with his first two, he sent down his third and final roll and won a 2023 Toyota Corolla. 

He continued to roll his way right into the showcase, where another car was up for grabs, if the price was right. 

”I’m thinking the Malibu is about $28,000 and I just threw it out there and added seven to it and I guessed $35,000. I said it right away. No hesitation.”

William “Terry” James – “The Price Is Right” Winner

A bid that – after the fact – he thought was too high but ended up being just $30 shy of winning both showcases, and he returned to Ohio with not only one – but two brand new cars, and he has the plates to prove it. 

”Well, I think the funny thing is, on the way out, I kept telling my daughter I’m going to win a car if I get on there. And I never dreamed I’d win two.”

William “Terry” James – “The Price Is Right” Winner

Returning to Ohio as a new local celebrity, Terry’s friends and family shared their excitement with him and celebrated this once-in-a-lifetime experience with cookies, cake and a lot of love. 

With $60,000 worth of winnings, Terry says the quality time he spent with loved ones is his biggest takeaway. 

”If anyone has a chance to do that, I really believe they should do it. And especially if you have a chance to do something one of your kids.”

William “Terry” James – “The Price Is Right” winner

Terry and his family have been keeping this story a secret for six weeks since they filmed back in February because his episode finally aired just last week. 

He said they haven’t heard from CBS yet when they will get their cars, but the prizes are on their way soon. 

You can watch “The Price Is Right” every weekday morning at 11 a.m. on WOWK 13 News.