CHESAPEAKE, OH (WOWK) – Schools in Ohio could now see a new safety measure after Governor Mike DeWine approved a curriculum that would allow teachers to carry guns on school grounds.

The Armed School Staff Essential Training (ASSET) says teachers wanting to carry will have to go through a 24-hour initial training and an additional annual, recertification training. This is all outlined in House Bill 99.

The training will include scenario situations, de-escalation techniques and neutralization of potential threats and active shooters.  

Chesapeake is one school in Ohio that could be affected by this change and Superintendent Doug Hale says there’s a lot to consider.

“As far as the safety initiative with arming staff members, that’s just something that we’ll have to dive into and take a look at. We have the sheriffs on campus every day so that keeps a lot of minds at ease. We have additional cameras coming, we have our door lock system, so we’re moving forward with conscious of all safety measures,” Hale explained.

The superintendent says before anything is approved, they will hear from parents to get their thoughts as well.

The Ohio Education Association – which represents teachers and other members across the state – says this training isn’t enough.

“I know as an educator, 15 minutes to learn anything, just is not enough. You don’t expect anyone to gain any expertise in 15 minutes and that’s what some of these components are requiring,” said Scott DiMauro, the President of the Ohio Education Association.

He also says he believes the legislature should put more funding into other safety measures rather than “putting that responsibility on teachers.”