COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The requirements for teachers and staff members to carry weapons on school grounds in Ohio have been set.

Gov. Mike DeWine announced Monday that the Ohio School Safety Center has finished setting the training requirements. Known as the Armed School Staff Essential Training (ASSET) Curriculum, it was developed to meet requirements set forth by House Bill 99, which gives Ohio school boards and governing bodies the option to arm staff members.

“For districts that choose to arm a school staff member, this training will ensure that those individuals are thoroughly prepared to respond to emergencies specific to a school environment,” DeWine said in a news release.

DeWine signed House Bill 99 into law in June but also stated that his “much-preferred option is to have a school resource officer in each school building.”

Last week a substitute teacher was banned from teaching in the Hilliard school district and charged with a fifth-degree felony for illegal conveyance of a deadly weapon in a school safety zone.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety will begin offering training next year, but schools have the option to select an alternate training provider whose training courses meet the requirements of the new OSSC curriculum.

The curriculum includes 24 hours of initial training and eight hours of annual recertification training, all of which include scenario-based training, instruction on mitigation techniques, de-escalation techniques, tactics of responding to critical incidents, neutralization of a potential threat and/or active shooters and tactical live firearm training.

Schools can find more information on how to sign up for state training or training offered by an alternate entity