WAVERLY, OH (WOWK) – Two people were arrested following a traffic stop that turned into a police chase in the Waverly, Ohio, area.

According to the Waverly Police Department, the incident began on Thursday, June 1, 2023, when a WPD officer saw a vehicle weaving and crossing the center line on North Street. The officer then attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle, however, the driver continued traveling west on North Street, allegedly going into the wrong lane.

Police say as the vehicle passed Tiger Drive, it began to accelerate onto State Route 220. At that point, the officer activated his sirens while pursuing the vehicle. According to the WPD, the driver then turned onto Pleasant Hill Road where the officer said the vehicle was allegedly going above 70 mph in a 55 mph, and still traveling in the wrong lane.

The WPD says the vehicle then traveled onto Buchanan Road, where a duffel bag was thrown out of the passenger side window in the 4000 block. The WPD says they later went back and collected the duffel.

According to the WPD, the driver then ran a stop sign and turned back onto State Route 220, allegedly traveling in both lanes of the roadway heading toward State Route 124. Police say just before the vehicle reached Leeth Creek Road, it slowed down and a man got out of the vehicle. However, the driver accelerated again as he was still getting out and he fell ont he ground. Officers and Pike County Sheriff’s deputies were then able to take him into custody without incident.

Police say just a few hundred feet beyond where the man got out of the vehicle, the pursuing officer was able to get his cruiser beside the vehicle and the driver came to a stop.

During the pursuit, the officer was able to get the vehicle’s license plate number. Dispatchers then ran the number, identifying the vehicle as belonging to a Samantha Entler, who police say “shared a protection order” with Donald Entler. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Samantha Entler and the passenger was identified as Donald Entler.

After the vehicle was stopped, authorities searched the vehicle where they found a pink, sparkly bag behind the passenger seat which allegedly contained a two clear bags, one with a brown powder substance and the other with a white powder substance, along with syringes, a digital scale and empty baggies. Authorities said they also found two tied baggies with a crystal rock substance under the front passenger seat of the vehicle. Police say they also found multiple syringes on Donald’s person and in the discarded duffel bag.

Both Donald And Samantha Entler were taken to the Waverly Police Department. Police say Samantha was charged with failure to comply with a lawful order to signal. According to the WPD, Donald was charged with protection order violation and also had outstanding warrants from the Pike County and Ross County sheriff’s offices.

Police say further charges are pending the test results from the contents of the baggies.