COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Marcus Payne’s family pounded the pavement last fall, passing out and posting flyers with hopes someone might help Columbus police solve his murder.

It remains unsolved.

On Aug. 30 of last year, around 1 a.m., Payne was shot. A brother to eight siblings, he died 12 days later.

His mother is calling for answers, justice, and for the violence to stop.

“It’s not the same, having pictures or video,” said Payne’s mother, Victoria Landrum. “Just the physical of him not being here. It’s hard and knowing how he left. Someone hurt him, and I feel helpless because these people are still walking around.”

Tuesday marks one year since Payne was shot.

“I know I’m not the same, I know my brain is always racing, trying to think of things, trying to understand,” Landrum said.

The shooting happened near Neil and Buttles avenues in Victorian Village.

“The car was broken into, but there were some guys in a car behind them and they asked, ‘Did y’all break into my car?’ or whatever,” Landrum said.

As Marcus Payne and his brother drove away, someone fired into the car, with at least one bullet hitting Payne in the head.

On Sept. 11, the 27-year-old died from his injuries.

“There’s no justice for him yet,” Landrum said. “So, I don’t think anything’s changed from the day that it happened.

“Somebody knows something,” she added. “Somebody out there knows something and that’s the thing that gets me: Somebody knows, they done told somebody. Our family and Marcus deserves justice.”

Columbus police said this week that it has no updates on the case.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Columbus police at 614-645-4730.