CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Gas prices across the nation have now reached an average price of $5 per gallon.

At the same time, people are looking for the government to help, but right now nothing has been agreed upon. On Wednesday, Gov. Jim Justice said no to a state gas tax holiday, and it appears consumers are getting the same answer from Washington, DC.

With gas prices just about everywhere at $5, many drivers were hoping for relief from taxes.

A gas tax holiday in West Virginia would have saved consumers nearly 36-cents per gallon, but Gov. Justice nixed the idea after Republican legislative leaders gave it a thumbs down.

And right now, there are no signs of help from the federal level.

“On the gas tax holiday, I’ve always been not in favor of that, I don’t think,” said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, (R) West Virginia. “That’s a short-term fix for a very long-term problem. And remember that the gas tax does go to rehabilitating and modernizing our highways, and so that’s important.”

“And I spend probably about $120 a day in gas. From where last year I was spending $60 a day in gas. So, it doubled,” said Michael Calhoun, a landscaping business owner in Charleston.

Senator Capito is urging President Joe Biden to reopen pipe construction that was shut down and let oil companies drill on federal lands to increase the supply, which could help ease prices.

President Biden has already opened the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to the tune of 1-million barrels a day, but prices continue to rise.