West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has announced some big numbers on construction jobs in West Virginia. 

“When are we going to awaken to the fact that we really have a movement going on in West Virginia?” asked Governor Justice.

Governor Justice lauded the jobs growth at this year’s Construction and Design Expo in Charleston, WV.

The numbers from the General Contractors of America show that West Virginia added the highest percentage of new construction jobs over the last year at more than 14% or 4,300 jobs.

The Governor says now the state is looking for even more workers.

“We’re not looking for a few people, we’re looking for a lot of people,” added Governor Justice

Mike Clowser, President of the Contractors Association of West Virginia, says the numbers will continue to grow and the need for workers is statewide.

“We’re seeing throughout the state, there are many pockets that are growing and expanding and just further growing in the state of West Virginia,” said Clowser

Clowser says more jobs are expected as the road bond work gets underway.

At the expo, the Governor also signed a bill he says will upgrade state parks and boost the economy.

“This bill will create I don’t how many hundreds of more jobs,” said Governor Justice.

Governor Justice says $55,000,000 is necessary for the upgrades.

The Governor’s request for increased funding for commerce and tourism fell short during the legislative session.

Governor Justice expects, with the economy improving, he will be able to address those spending requests later on.