CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK/AP)—A West Virginia State Senator was removed from the Senate Chamber on Friday.

According to the WV Senate Clerk, Senator Robert Karnes (R-Randolph) was removed just after 12 p.m.

Senate President Pro Tempore Donna Boley (R-Pleasants) moved to remove Karnes from the chamber after a disruption during a vote on SB 3542.

Senate President Craig Blair was explaining a bill when Karnes called a point of inquiry, demanding that bills be read aloud in full before going to a vote. He said the West Virginia state Constitution requires that no bill become law until it has been “fully and distinctly” read aloud three different days in each chamber “unless in case of urgency” by a vote of four-fifths of the members present.

Blair told Karnes that his question did not pertain to the bill in question and that he was out of order.

After more outbursts on other legislation from Karnes, who repeatedly said, “Mr. President, I demand that the bill be read,” several senators went to the podium to meet with Blair.

The Senate then went into a brief recess. Upon returning, a motion was made to remove Karnes and Blair concurred. Karnes then got up and quietly exited the chamber.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.