KENOVA, WV (WOWK) — Volunteers and tourists continue to swarm Ric Griffith’s Pumpkin House in Kenova. The 1890s vintage home has been the site of a massive pumpkin display since 1991 and this year Griffith says he plans 3,000 pumpkins to be spread among several displays around and on top of the house.

Ric Griffith’s driveway is converted into a pumpkin preparation assembly line every October

Griffith says anyone is welcome to come volunteer and that the plan is to finish about 500 pumpkins a day to hopefully have the displays all done in time for the weekend. It’s as simple as stopping by the house on Beech Street in Kenova. During a visit by 13 News, school groups from Huntington High School and Ashland Middle School came to help make the work easier.

The pumpkins get a little help in being preserved by getting a dip in a bleach-water mix.

The displays still have a way to go before the end of the week but visitors are welcome to stop by and see what is currently on display, especially at night when the pumpkins are all lit up.

Backyard pumpkin stock area for The Pumpkin House in Kenova

Some 1900 of the 3,000 pumpkins came from a Rocky Knob Farm in Wayne County. Jason Ekers says it’s a lot of work but he is happy when he sees how kids light up when they come to visit the Pumpkin House.

Weather is not expected to be much of an issue for pumpkin preparations except a few late showers near midnight Tuesday, crossing into Wednesday and a few showers likely after midnight Saturday night crossing into Sunday.

We’ll be back to visit the Pumpkin House before the Halloween season ends so stay tuned for more on one of West Virginia’s truly unique attractions.