Recovering addict’s journey one year later


ST. ALBANS, WV (WOWK) – A year ago, we brought you the story of Jason Wickline, who participated in social media’s “decade challenge”. We highlighted how he went from an addict, to an advocate. His life looked different then, but what a difference even a year can make.

“Life today is completely different than anything I could’ve ever imagined. You know this past year has been crazy. You know 2020 is like a steam roller, and it just keeps rolling along, but a lot of good has came out of this year. Getting clean and sober didn’t promise me that I would be perfect every day. It just promised me that I had a chance.”

Jason Wickline, Recovering Addict/Sober for 4 years

These are just some of the photos of what Jason used to look like. He then got clean and started being an advocate in various programs and in his community. That’s where he met his now wife, Shanna. Shanna and a colleague started a non-profit organization called ‘More than Addiction.’

Shanna decided to start the organization after she lost her cousin who was battling addiction. She says they came up with the name ‘More than Addiction’ for exactly because addicts are a person, and more than just their addiction.

Jason and Shanna’s paths crossed through advocacy and they have been inseparable since.

Jason emphasizes, “Nearly four years into sobriety its like.. I have amazing people in my life. Today I’m a husband, right? And that was not in the cards for me.”

Jason and Shanna got married in May of 2020, on the endless wall trail in Fayetteville, West Virginia. I was an intimate ceremony at a spot that Shanna had picked out previously.

Then on October 28, 2020 the decided to solidify the family feel, when Shanna adopted Jason’s son Krystian.

Shanna says, “Most of my life I thought ‘oh my gosh I could never be a parent. Like I couldn’t do this. But it’s awesome.. Like I love being a mom.”

And it was an emotional day for Krystian. He says, “The day I got adopted they were like ‘you’re adopted now’ and I was crying, so like I just hugged her as tight as I could.. And then we got a couple of pictures on my phone.. So yeah, it was amazing.” 

“Like when you paint a picture and then do the gloss over top to just kind of protect it and solidify it. That’s what like that day was. Like we’re all now protected and ready to endure the rest of everything.” said, Shanna.

“I have a mother to help raise my son. After loosing him twice.. To the state. And finally getting him back.. I never thought I’d trust anyone with my  child.” said, Jason.

“The way life used to be.. That ain’t no life. That’s just dead man walking.. And I brought death and destruction everywhere I went with me. Today I try and be the best father and husband that I can today. I don’t hit a home-run everyday.. A lot of times I strike out.. But that’s okay.. There’s another inning.” 

Jason Wickline

Jason and Shanna now advocate for their non-profit ‘More than Addiction’ where they are currently doing virtual events. For more information on ‘More than Addiction’ they are encouraging you to visit their website and follow MTA on social media.

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