RIPLEY, WV (WOWK) – People in Jackson County are cleaning up after Wednesday night’s flash flooding left them scrambling for safety.

“It was just like all of a sudden there was a river back here coming through, and the water was running so fast and hard out there on Viking you couldn’t stand up and walk in it. It was up to your knees in the street,” said Gladys Mascaro, Ripley resident.

Mascaro recalled the events from last night saying even though the fire department was outside her home rescuing people and animals from the floodwaters, she decided to stay home.

“When I’d seen the floodwater, I just started unplugging everything down low, and putting the plugs and everything up higher on something,” Mascaro said.

Other Ripley residents, like Julia Donohew, described the damage inside their homes.

“It’s just like a big sponge from end to end then squish squish squish, but we’re just very fortunate that there were no injuries or major losses,” said Donohew.

She said volunteers will be coming to her home to remove the soaked floor, but until then, Donohew, along with other residents on her street, said they have to find somewhere else to stay.

As residents try to clean up their own homes, locals like Bart Garrett, owner of the Lawn Care Specialist, said they’re trying to help others when and wherever they can.

“The flood was very bad,” Garrett said. “I was out checking on my customers … just making sure everyone was safe, and if there was anything that you know us the Lawn Care Specialists could do.”

One of the places he already assisted in cleaning up was the Ripley Swimming Pool, which he said was among many places in Ripley covered in flood water Wednesday night.

“It was like a river. It looked like the Ohio River was flowing down Viking Lane. I mean you could put your regular boat in with a 60HP motor,” he said. “There was a lot of people down there that lost all they had and they didn’t have much.”

Mascaro and Donohew said it was the worst flood they’ve seen in a while, but they’re trying their best to pick up the pieces one day at a time.