Putnam County Sheriff's Office Warn About Phone Scam

PUTNAM COUNTY, WV (WOWK) - The Putnam County Sheriff's Department has issued a warning for a phone scam going around the area.

The PCSD and the West Virginia State Police say a man is identifying himself as a Putnam County Deputy Sheriff

Officer say the caller will say, “That he was Deputy Cook with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department and that he has a warrant for your arrest for missing Juror Duty”. The caller would then tell victims they can take care of the warrant by paying him with a “Green Dot Card."

Officers say the caller will ask you to stay on the phone, go to the bank, retrieve the money, obtain a Green Dot Card, and then read the numbers from the back of the card to avoid arrest.

The unidentified person will then ask you to come to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department and turn yourself in.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department say that they or their representatives will never call you asking for money. Also, they want to remind people to never give out any personal information over the phone.

PCSO says that (304)548-9895 was the number listed in the scam but more than likely this number will not appear next time in this particular area.

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