MASON, WV (WOWK) — A new memorial is in the works to honor veterans in Mason County, WV. Wednesday marked a milestone as the sculptor working on the project came to see the space in person.

The committee heading up efforts met with the sculptor about the statue honoring Medal of Honor recipient Jimmy Stewart who was killed in the Vietnam War.

“It is beautiful, one of the nicest sites I’ve seen,” said sculptor Chad Fisher. “It’ll be not only a landmark locally but for the entire nation. Medal of Honor recipients deserves all of these monuments and all of the time celebrating their acts of valor and courage.”

Fisher has designed similar tributes across the country. This one will be situated in Mason next to the Bridge of Honor.

“It is incorporating the area. It will be a standing figure. The bridge and the river will be in the background,” Fisher explained. “It’ll be on a three to four-foot pedestal and he’ll be in a very stoic pose overlooking the area.”

As they continue to work toward this goal, project leaders say they are hoping the community will support them.

“I want them to think about the sacrifices,” said Steve Halstead, President of Operation Mason County Veterans Memorial. “That is what phase one is about is what the men did and women.”

Honoring those heroes is the team’s motivation.

“It is not a short process, fundraising and getting the actual granite engraved that takes time,” Halstead said. “But we are working on that and we’ll pull it off.”

They’ve recently accomplished another big step, officially securing the land they needed for the memorial.