Some Fireworks on Day 2 of WV Impeachment Hearings

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Former court information technology director Scott Harvey took the witness stand for over three hours. He described how state computers were set up in the home of now suspended Justice Allen Loughry, but some were for personal use, and not court work. Harvey also says Justice Menis Ketchum threatened to fire him twice, because Harvey could not get State Treasurer John Perdue to sign a Supreme Court payment contract, that Perdue objected to. 

"We can't expect state employees to be threatened or intimidated in order to do their job.  There's a lot of troubling things that came out this morning," said Del. Rodney Miller, (D) Boone.

"Well that there was a lot of undue pressure put on Supreme Court employees for one. And I think that people need to have a working environment where they don't have to feel like they are threatened with there job oif they don;t go along with the status quo," said Del. Kelli Sobonya, (R) Cabell.    

So there's been little mention of lavish court expenditures on renovations and office furniture, than ran into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. But it will come.

"In our democracy here in America, elected officials are not supposed to live like kings and queens. It's irresponsible and it's in poor taste," said Del. Mike Pushkin, (D) Kanawha.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Acting Supreme Court Administrator wrote a letter to Judiciary Chairman John Shott Friday, calling the impeachment hearings a quote, "fishing expedition." Chairman Shott was not happy.

"We're preparing as if we have to go forward and it's not a fishing expedition. We're following the mission that was given us through the resolution.," said Del. John Shott, (R) Chairman, House Judiciary Committee.  

The Impeachment hearings will resume next Thursday.

"Right now the House is essentially acting like a grand jury. And if it issues articles of impeachment, the case comes here to the Senate for trial, and it's up to the Senators to see if any of the Justices, are removed from office," said Mark Curtis, 13 News Working for You.

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