How to Keep Yourself Safe if You’re Attacked

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CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – What would you do if you were attacked or in a threatening situation? What is your best option to maximize your safety?

Sgt. Brian Humphreys with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office says there is no one-size-fits-all answer to that.

“You don’t want the first time you have thought about this to be when you are being a victim of a crime…you want to have thought ‘what would I do in those situations before you are placed in those situations’,” says Humphreys.

So looking at some of the most popular tactics, we investigate the first on our list:

1. Firearms

E.J.Smith, an NRA gun safety instructor says taking a class should be your first step if you are interested in a firearm to keep you safe.

“The biggest piece of advice I can give you is don’t go out and just buy a gun if something bad happens to you. Take a class, learn about firearms, learn what is going to work best for you,” says Smith.

There are many things to think about when deciding what you are comfortable with a gun.

“Can they control it? Can they operate it? Can they load it? can they unload it easily? Can they control it when they fire it?” all questions Smith says you need to ask.

2. Fight Back/Self-Defense

“Fighting back is important in certain situations, but it’s getting away so that is what we want to know. You need to know how to get out of holds if someone is choking or grabbing you,” says self-defense instructor, Butch Hiles.

Hiles also says practice and repetition are crucial for these moves to work.

“What happens a lot when you are getting attacked is you freeze up, it is a natural fight or flight thing so when you freeze up you are practicing those self-defense moves and hopefully you will just go into something,” says Hiles.

3. Personal Self-Defense Weapon

“There are options for everyone that want to protect themselves in those situations everything from the keys that were in your pocket all the way through alarms….the key component, the key thing that needs to be decided ahead of time is how do I use it and how do I get it out fast,” says Humphreys.

No matter which option you choose, professionals across the board agree you should have a plan in place and practice.

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