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Southern Ohio Dispensary Prepares for Opening

The GM says Ohio has some of the strictest regulations in the country

JACKSON, OH (WOWK) - The Medical Marijuana industry is officially up and running in Ohio but some dispensaries are still working on the final stages of opening their doors. That includes Buckeye Botanicals in Jackson, Ohio, that will serve most of Southern Ohio when opened. 

"I think medical marijuana is needed in this area, I think it could take a lot of the opioids away when people are using medical marijuana for their pains and different things, rather than using opioids," Nicholas Ranieri, General Manager of Buckeye Botanicals.

Ranieri says the road to being approved and selling products in Ohio has been a difficult one, due to strict guidelines.

"Ohio is absolutely one of the more strict of the states in regards to the medical marijuana program. Eventually, I do see them lightening up but right now they want to make sure that everything is you know, Ts are crossed Is are dotted," said Ranieri.

Ranieri hopes that Buckeye Botanicals will be opened in the next month and when they do open they won't only be selling medical marijuana, they plan to offer yoga in a community room. This is all part of their plan to end the stigma against medical marijuana and join the community of Jackson, Ohio. 

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