The Sisterhood of The Traveling Red Dress

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MINGO COUNTY, W.Va. (WOWK) – Megan, Miranda, and Kennedy all share a common thread, literally, the same beautiful red dress to different special occasions making their dreams reality.

Now, this dress is off on its fourth journey landing in Monroe County where another teen girl will wear it on her special night.

But the journey of this dress first begins with Megan. She bought this beautiful, $900 Jovani red dress from Unique Boutique in Pikeville, Kentucky for her 2016 senior prom.

Megan had previously sold her junior year prom dress but this time around wanted to do something different, something good – give the dress away, jewelry included to someone in need for free.

“We were thinking, ‘well I’m never going to use this dress again and this is going to go to waste in my closet.’ Figured I give it to somebody nearby and for free just for the heck of it,” said Megan.

So she got on Facebook and made a post explaining she was giving it away for someone in need. This is where Miranda comes into the picture.

Miranda explained that she was on the hunt for a cheap prom dress. Her coworkers started tagging her in Megan’s post and that’s when she messaged Megan explaining her need for the dress.

“I was in a hard spot, my family was in a hard spot. We couldn’t afford a big ole’ prom dress and I just really wanted to go to prom at least once,” said Miranda.

And so she did, wearing the red dress to her 2017 junior prom at Mingo Central High School, but under one condition, that she too pass on the dress to another girl in need after.

So Miranda did the same thing and posted on Facebook announcing she was giving away the dress for free for the second time.

This is where we meet Jasmine, who is related to Kennedy. Jasmine reached out to Miranda explaining that Kennedy needed a dress for her 8th grade formal but struggled to come up with the money to buy her own. Miranda agreed to give Jasmine the dress to pass on to Kennedy.

Kennedy gave the dress back to Jasmine who took it upon herself to give the dress away for the fourth time.

“I feel like I’ve held on to this dress and I’ve waited so long to finally give it to somebody who I know needs it and then I feel like I can just relax knowing that it’s going to somebody who really deserves it,” said Jasmine.

She too posted the dress on Facebook and that’s where she met Tina, a mom from Monroe County with a different situation from the rest who were interested in the dress.

“As soon as I posted it, everybody was like ‘hey can you give me this dress? can we meet? I can come get it,’ but Tina was the only person who messaged me to say ‘hey I really need this dress, I have a younger daughter, we’re having a hard time…'” said Jasmine.

13 News caught up with Jasmine at the Red Jacket, West Virginia post office where she was mailing the dress to Tina’s daughter.

Megan and Miranda had no idea Jasmine was passing on the dress for Kennedy to a fourth person.

“I’m glad it went that far, didn’t think it would go that far actually at all,” said Megan.

“Some girls can’t afford the whole prom night and for high school girls, prom is a right of passage. I’d like to see it go to other states and other regions and everyone that worn the dress put their photos together on their magical nights,” said Miranda.

Tina’s daughter has also promised to give away the dress after her use.

“This is going to get out, it means a lot that she can keep this going and I hope whoever takes the dress after her will do the same,” said Jasmine.

And continue the tradition of sisterhood, all because of a traveling red prom dress.

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