(WOWK) The region will see very warm temperatures on Thursday, well into the mid 60s for afternoon highs despite morning rain. The wind will be strong, up around or higher than 30 miles per hour at times early and again toward the evening. See the slide show below for an idea of wind speeds through the day.

Winds up around 35 miles per hour are capable of causing minor damage to tree limbs which means there is a small chance of power outages in the area as Thursday unfolds. We do not anticipate widespread outages however.

The temperatures will drop significantly from Thursday with highs near 66 to Friday with highs only near 40. Winds will be substantially lighter on Friday with gusts around 15 miles per hour.

Stay ahead of the weather by downloading and using the StormTracker 13 weather app. It’s free and you can download it by clicking on the link directly below.