Students seek donations to upgrade field

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Huntington High School senior Bryson Parker says the field for League 3 in Huntington is batting zero. And he and his long-time friend and teammate Andy Legg are using an assignment given to them by their teacher to do something about it. 

“I mean it’s ridiculous. You can’t even see home plate,” Parker said. “For us, we knew our passion project was going to reside in the little league so we came down here one day with the guy who was responsible for saving League 3 a decade ago and he sorta gave us several ideas this being the biggest one.” 

Bryson and Andy decided the best way to help is raise enough money to turf the field and it comes with a price tag of $75,000. Andy says the getting the turf is beneficial for everyone. 

“It’ll generate more interest, get more kids to play, it’ll allow for many more games to be played – because as you can see the field it gets messy when it rains,” Legg said. 

The stats don’t lie, every time there’s a tournament held on this field it generates a lot of revenue for the city. These young men say adding turf would be a home run. Tyson Compton with the convention and visitor’s bureau says tournaments can bring in up to half a million dollars. And Bryson and Andy say the revenue and getting more kids to play isn’t the only benefit. 

“We also have a challenger division in our league which is, gives special needs or disabled children a chance to enjoy the game of baseball,” Legg said. “And turf would make the field more wheelchair accessible and more handicap accessible so those kids would be able to enjoy the game more, as well. Because anytime it rains it all it immediately they can’t play.” 

Bryson says as far as raising that much money, he’s willing to go into extra innings. 

“At the end of the day we just want to see the project through,” Parker said. “We want to see it happen so we will ride it out now matter how long it takes.” 

They say success is buiding a field of dreams for future players to come.

For more information on how you can get involved and/or donate click here. 

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