HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK)-Cabell County has been named one of the top places in West Virginia for small business owners, according to a recent report

The study released by SmartAsset looked at the percentage of people in the county with a small business income, return on investment, and taxes paid by small business owners.

One business owner 13 News talked to said places like Huntington have a lot to offer people looking to start up a business.

Mackenzie Morley has lived in Huntington for about five years with her family, and she already has two businesses in the Downtown area

“I could have replicated and put my business anywhere, but I wanted to be in Downtown Huntington,” said Morley.

She has a women’s clothing store on 3rd Avenue called Kenzington Alley and a new a men’s and women’s shoe store just a few stores down from it called Mack’s, and Morley said business is already taking off.

“The community is really supportive, and they are excited about the new. They are excited about the new ventures that are coming to town whether it’s retail or food”.

David Lieving, president and CEO of the Huntington Area Development Counci, said Huntington’s location and proximity to other state’s creates a steady stream of clientele for businesses.

“You have to remember too. . . Huntington even though we are around 50,000 people we are in a metro area of around 365,000 people, and that includes the entire Tri-State area”.

Bill Bissett, the president & CEO of the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce said Huntington also offers a lot of resources to small business owners.

More than 20 new businesses have opened in Downtown Huntington in the last year.

“I think when you look at the city government, the county government, and even the state with their one-stop shopping, and someone can basically go through all that paperwork very quickly. . . we have had great success with that. What we want to do is streamline the process to get you to market as soon as possible”.

Morely also added that the Downtown Huntington Partners helps current business owners get connected within the community, and they help small business owners find out what they might need, as far as resources are concerned.

She also said having Marshall University down the street doesn’t hurt. 

The school creates a steady workforce for businesses like hers with their programs. 

“We have a lot of business students that come in and do a six or eight-week internship with us to learn about business entrepreneurship,” said Morley.

Other notable counties on the list were Kanawha and Putnam, but Pendelton County was the one that captured the top spot.