LONDON, KY (WOWK) — Three Bureau of Prisons employees at Big Sandy Penitentiary were indicted on Thursday for federal civil rights violations.         

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Kentucky alleges that in April 2021, Samuel Patrick and Clinton Pauley assaulted an inmate in the lieutenant’s office at Big Sandy. Kevin Pearce and a subordinate prison employee witnessed the assault. Pearce asked that employee to write an untruthful report omitting the assault.  

Pearce also wrote a memorandum that allegedly documented the false account of the officer’s interactions with the inmate who was assaulted.

The memorandum stated another employee was present in the office with the victim and stated the victim left the office without incident, leaving out the assault. Patrick and Pauley are also alleged to have written memos to cover up the assault.

A date for Patrick, Pauley, and Pearce to appear in court has not yet been scheduled. For the deprivation of rights charges, they each face a maximum of 10 years per charge, and for the falsification of records charges, they each face 20 years for each count.