(WOWK) — It’s Monday, August 8, and it might feel like an ordinary day, but there are actually several unique holidays that people across the U.S. are observing. In fact, National Day Calendar says there is a reason to celebrate every day!

Here are the national holidays giving you a reason to celebrate on August 8:

1. Sneak some Zucchini into your Neighbor’s Porch Day

This holiday gives produce growers a way to get rid of their extra fruits and vegetables. If you grew too much zucchini this summer, surprise your neighbor with the gift of produce!

2. National Frozen Custard Day

Enjoy some frozen custard on this day! Invite a friend and try different flavors at your local custard shop. Or make your own at home!

3. National CBD Day

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural hemp product that can help with pain, anxiety, appetite and more. You can celebrate by learning about cannabidiol and the laws impacting its consumption. Don’t forget to use the social media hashtag #NationalCBDDay to spread awareness!

4. National Dollar Day

On August 8, 1786, the U.S. Congress established the country’s monetary system in 1786. Spend a dollar or save a dollar, whichever you prefer! Or if you have a dollar on you now, you can track where it has been on the website Where’s George.

5. National Happiness Happens Day

August 8th is about celebrating happiness all day long — because happiness happens. On this day, don’t let moments of glee pass by and give a giggle where it’s due. Seek ways to spread your happiness to others.

BONUS: Global Sleep Under the Stars Night

One of the best ways to experience the outdoors is by sleeping under the stars! Whether it’s in the backcountry or your own backyard, set up camp, pitch a tent, bring blankets onto a rooftop, or lay sleeping bags out and then look up at the night sky.

To learn more about national holidays on each day of the year, visit National Day Calender’s website.