EAU CLAIRE, WI (CNN) – Wisconsin is one of many states under a stay-at-home order. Kids are home from school and, community members are trying to find things to do. A family in Eau Claire is getting creative in the face of boredom.

If you take a walk down Margaret Street, you may notice quite a display at one of the houses.

“It was kind of Dad’s idea … he saw the idea on his phone so he decided to do it,” zoo creators Owen and Molly Rowekamp say.

The Rowekamps have set up a stuffed animal zoo which started as a way to help with homeschooling.

“We were looking for a way to get creative with homeschooling and do something fun, like project for our family, and we kind of had the inspiration from the window scavenger hunt that people are doing, so we’re seeing all the families out for walks and things in the neighborhood, so we thought it’d be really fun to put a zoo together outside and give the kids something to look at,” Michelle Rowekamp says.

Both of the kids played a part in the project.

“Molly found all the animals and figured out who lived together, and Owen did research, and he wrote signs for each animal,” Michelle Rowekamp says.

Owen says it took him three days to compile all the research for the zoo.

“My favorite one is Africa because it’s so cool, like, with all the rocks and the grass and the pond and stuff,” Owen Rowekamp says.

They’re also looking to help a good cause.

“We’ve also been raising money for the humane society with this project, so every time we put it out we have a big sign and a jar, and we’re collecting cash donations and then like cat food and cat toys and stuff, and we’ve raised $113 so far,” Michelle Rowekamp says.

They are glad the project is making an impact, and hope to inspire others to get creative.

“Like, a lot of people will walk by in the neighborhood, and they say thank you for putting this together, it’s really fun and the kids enjoy it,” Michelle Rowekamp says.