KARAMAN, TURKEY (CBS) – A 6-year-old girl broke down in tears when she was reunited with her healthcare worker mother after a month of being separated.

Ozge Kocak, who works as a medical secretary at a polyclinic that treats coronavirus patients, surprised her daughter Oyku Kocak, as the young girl rode her bicycle near roadway.

The girl, who has not seen her mother for several weeks, burst into tears and asked her to spend some “girls time” together before her father joins them.

Oyku was staying with her grandparents for the month to eliminate the risk of contamination, Ozge Kocak told Reuters on April 12.

Kocak said she was on medical leave for a week and her husband, who works at a nursing home, joined them on April 10 after spending two weeks under quarantine.

“I cannot describe my feelings,” Kocak said. “My daughter was recently unwilling to speak to us on the phone. She kept asking why we were not there with her and whether we tested coronavirus positive. It is really hard to stay apart,” she said.