MANCHESTER, NH (WVLA) – A woman captured a once-in-a-lifetime image over the weekend while traveling on 1-93 in New Hampshire.

Anna Moskov was a passenger in a vehicle riding behind a garbage truck at around 1 p.m. on Friday, January 21. It was around that time that Moskov noticed something on the side of the garbage truck: A raccoon appeared to be hanging from the back.

The driver of Moskov’s vehicle pulled up beside the garbage truck at 65 mph, at which point Moskov snapped a picture. She also rolled down the window to get the driver’s attention, pointing to the back of the truck.

The driver of the garbage truck laughed, rolled down his window and said, “I know! He’s been there since 3 a.m.,” according to Moskov.

Moskov has since shared the photo to Facebook, where users seemed impressed with the raccoon’s perseverance.

“He smells dinner and isn’t letting go,” wrote one Facebook commenter.

“This is a children’s book waiting to be written,” joked another.

There is no word on what happened to the raccoon after this photo was taken, but Moskov wasn’t too worried. When asked what she thought upon seeing the animal, Moskov remarked that it appeared to be having the time of its life.

“That little guy was not giving up his seat on this joyride!” she said.