PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WRBL) — On May 19, the widow of a local veteran was honored by local organizations for the service her family provided to our country.

House of Heroes Chattahoochee Valley is a local nonprofit assisting military veterans and spouses by servicing their homes at no cost to them.

Russell County native, Specialist E-4 Rufus Battle, served in the Army for six years before being honorably discharged in 1966. Specialist Battle passed July 23, 2002. He is survived by his wife Patricia Battle, who is getting a new roof, something she says she was not expecting.

“I’m overwhelmed. This is overwhelming to me. I’m a giver, I’m so used to pouring out into other peoples lives. Until, when it comes back to me, which I was not expecting, it’s just overwhelming,” Battle shares.

In addition to the repairs performed on her home, Battle was also presented with the American Flag in an Honor Ceremony.

Susan Wood, Executive Director for House of Heroes Chattahoochee Valley, spoke at the ceremony, thanking the Battles for their service.

“Our mission is to honor our military veterans and spouses, and we do that by coming out to your house and doing repairs. And I want to say thank you for your service to our nation,” Wood says.

This project was made possible by a partnership between Alliance Specialty Contractor, Inc. (ASP) and Columbus’ Home Depot. Members from both organizations were led to be a part of this project by one driving factor: gratitude.

“We’re just trying to give back to everyone that needs the help and can’t even do it themselves,” says Jody Crum, Chief Executive Contractor of ASP.

“We really respect and appreciate all of our military and that’s why we want to serve and give back,” shares Todd Quintard, Storm Damage Specialist at ASP.

“We value the service that they provided for us, so now it’s our time to serve them,” says Allen Rosaro, Storm Damage Specialist at ASP.

“My husband is in the military, so I was glad to be a part of this project to help out our military veterans,” says Suheily Nacua, Office Administrator at ASP.

The project was planned in less than a month and is almost complete after one day of work.

“Well for us, to see the final result, which they’re almost done, it’s a great thing. Like I said, we put this together a couple of weeks ago … getting this done, it’s like a dream come true,” says Ricardo Vega, Assistant Manager of Columbus’ Home Depot.

The expedited project is something Patricia Battle calls a miracle.

“A miracle is when a physical need, is met by a supernatural means. And this is exactly what that is,” Battle says.