(NewsNation Now) — A Virginia woman is pleading for help after her sister was allegedly abducted last week from the convenience store where she worked.

Not even the suspect’s arrest has answered the question: Where is Ahrea’l Smith?

Smith was about to leave work for the night Wednesday when she was caught on surveillance video taking trash outside. She was not seen again, and the next morning, her car was found still running outside the store.

Lydia Smith, her older sister, told “NewsNation Prime” that Ahrea’l texted her about a strange person outside the store.

“She said that someone at the door made her feel uncomfortable,” Lydia Smith said. “She never really said a name, but she said that someone, you know, made her feel uncomfortable.

“But not that she was afraid. When she went to that trash like the last look on her face was her normal self. Her demeanor was calm. Somebody was waiting and they snatched her.”

Lydia Smith said her sister likely didn’t have time to tell anyone she worked with since she was closing up by herself.

According to a release posted to the office’s Facebook page, Tyrone N. Samuel, 50, of Heathsville, Virginia was arrested Jan. 15 and charged with Smith’s abduction.

Lydia Smith broke down when she was asked what she would like to say to Ahrea’l.

“I love her, and I wish I could have kept her safe. That’s all I got. I miss her. I pray that she’s safe and unharmed, and I just want her to come home. For real man, it’s been, like, five days. That’s my baby sister.”

Anyone with information that could help is urged to contact the Northumberland County Sheriffs Office at 804-580-5221.

NewsNation affiliate WRIC contributed to this report.