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COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Norway on Wednesday joined fellow Scandinavian countries in offering a second booster shot of COVID-19 vaccine to some of its population, to be available from July 1 to people aged 75 and over, because of a rise in infections.

“There is a need to vaccinate our most vulnerable citizens,” Health Minister Ingvild Kjerkol said, adding that vaccination remains “the cornerstone of the government’s preparedness.”

Nursing home residents and people over 80 should be first in line, Kjerkol said, adding that the summer holidays could be “demanding” for some municipalities — which in Norway are responsible for handling vaccinations.

“I would therefore like to emphasize that the pace of vaccination must be adapted to the municipalities’ capacity,” she said.

Denmark has offered a second booster shot to nursing home residents and people aged 50 and over, while Sweden recommended a third booster shot for people with an increased risk of becoming seriously ill and anyone aged 65 and over.


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