(NewsNation Now) — Talk about good luck! A Maryland woman won the lottery for the third time in three years — this time claiming a $50,000 prize.

The 61-year-old woman won the top prize from a $5 scratch-off a few weeks ago. She also won $50,000 jackpots on scratch-off tickets she purchased two months apart in 2018.

The unidentified winner said she will use the prize money on home improvements. So how likely is it that you could win the lottery more than once, maybe three times? NewsNation broke down how this could happen.

Repeat lottery winners do happen more than we think but especially with scratch-off tickets. Of the $70 billion spent in the United States on lottery tickets, approximately 60% to 70% of that is spent on scratch-offs. This means that scratch-off games are played substantially more with more games occurring and therefore present a higher chance of winning.

In fact, several surveyed multi-lottery winners said they deliberately played with a strategy of buying as many tickets as possible at once since it’s more likely you’ll get a winner in a single roll versus playing daily with different rolls.

The state you play in can even help your odds. There have been 39 Powerball or Megamillion winners in the state of Indiana. That’s 10% of all winners for a jackpot prize!